Barcelona Special Traveler provides disabled tourists with everything they might possibly need inBarcelona in a single and coordinated package, thereby ensuring that no problem spoils what will be, without doubt, a fantastic experience.

And if the special needs tourist is already in Barcelona and does not require accommodationadvice, Barcelona Special Traveler is still the best alternative when it comes to organising anunforgettable tailor-made experience.


Barcelona Special Traveler advises its clients when it comes to choosing the most suitable accommodation in terms of their preferences (category, location, price, etc.) and, above all, in terms of their “special needs”.

We do this by tapping into our in-depth knowledge of the facilities provided by the different hotels to guarantee the capacity of the environment to adapt to any specific disabilities or mobility problems.

Detalle de una habitación de hotel de nuestra selección
Lavabo acondicionado

This is because not every disabled person requires the same services.

There will be those who need a bathroom with a “roll-in shower”, and then there will be those who simply require a lack of barriers that might be, in some cases, a bathtub. Some people need transfer bars to be on the right and other require them on the left, and then there are those who are absolutely indifferent. There will be guests who require personal assistance and those who do not…

By providing this type of advice, Barcelona Special Traveler wants to prevent those disagreeable and complicated moments which tend to occur whenever a hotel fails to meet the expectations and/or specific needs of the tourist.

At the same Barcelona Special Traveler provides a hotel support service that includes offering these establishments suitable information regarding the real needs of the guest, making the reservation and supervising the entire process right up to the final check-in to the room.

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