Barcelona Special Traveler provides disabled tourists with everything they might possibly need inBarcelona in a single and coordinated package, thereby ensuring that no problem spoils what will be, without doubt, a fantastic experience.

And if the special needs tourist is already in Barcelona and does not require accommodationadvice, Barcelona Special Traveler is still the best alternative when it comes to organising anunforgettable tailor-made experience.


Barcelona Special Traveler offers the disabled tourist an extensive range of essential auxiliary services, namely those services that, without being run-of-the-mill, make a fundamental difference when it comes to the success or failure of a trip.



Medical services for ensuring maximum comfort and peace of mind:

Healthcare services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, provided by the qualified personnel which include:
  • Medical care provided at the hotel
  • Nursing service provided at the hotel (treatments, check-ups, etc.)
  • Personal assistance service provided at the hotel for helping with hygiene, dressing/undressing, transfers, etc.
  • Pharmacy
  • Chiropody
  • Physiotherapy provided by professionals trained in a wide range of specialities in accordance with the nature of the disability…
Orthopaedic services provided by Mediatric hire and repair of any orthopaedic item, for example wheelchairs, special chairs (for shower, etc.), transfer hoists, etc.


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We also offer our clients an extensive range of leisure oriented services designed to facilitate and improve the tourist experience in our city:

  • Transfers from the airport, train station or cruise port to your hotel.
  • Adapted quality transportcovering your routes and therefore enhancing your experiences in the city during your stay.
  • A personal shopper to help you enjoy Barcelona’s unbeatable retail offering by making it both accessible and comfortable.
  • Help to select suitable quality restaurants, namely those located in the most accessible surroundings. Furthermore, if you suffer from an allergy or food intolerance, we would set about finding the perfect restaurant for you in order to ensure you enjoy our city’s fabulous cuisine without any worries.
  • Electric mobility buggies