Barcelona Special Traveler is Barcelona’s first receptive travel agent to specialise in accessible tourism. This innovative initiative fills a very specific niche in the unbeatable tourist offering that the city of Barcelona provides.


Our aim is to seek out, design and offer a series of one-off and completely satisfying experiences to anybody suffering from disabilities of all types (sensorial, physical, due to organ malfunction, etc.) and to people with reduced mobility problems (the elderly, people recovering from injury, convalescents, etc.).

A project born out of a passion to offer and provide products and services of the highest quality to those who are habitually overlooked and excluded.

A project that sets out to contribute a grain of sand to the building of a better, fairer world based on equal opportunities.

A project that embodies creativity and innovation, which we see as the best tools for meeting the challenges of the modern business world.

Barcelona Special Traveler is based on a combination of a profound knowledge of the needs and wishes of the disabled tourist and a desire to offer experiences until now unimaginable for many disabled people in Barcelona and Catalonia.